Chesapeake Bay Bugeye

Chesapeake Bay Bugeye Model Boat

A Bugeye is a two masted sailing vessel used for dredging oysters. They descended from the Log Canoe in a time when the need was for a larger boat. The schooners of the day were too large and the canoe was too small. Methods of construction were adopted from both. Bugeyes came into being around 1875, maybe even a few years earlier. There are only a handful of these graceful boats left. Some are on display at various museums.

  • Kit Contains

  • Basswood & Spruce
  • Hardware & rigging supplies
  • Pre-routed base
  • Sail patterns & sail cloth
  • Instructions & Blueprints
  • Dimensions

  • 22in Long
  • 19in Tall
  • Model done in 1/4in scale

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